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Tour the world from the book in your hand

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Funny? Yes, it could be. How can one tour the world from the book in the hand? Perplexed!

But it is possible, if you are a reader – and I want you to be one.

Still confused? Okay.

Did you live in the time of William Shakespeare? But you can say a little or more about that time from his book – the politics, the people, the culture, the merchants and the differences in social class among others. The way he painted the stories and plays, and described the cities, gave away much that one could imagine and live in the time, a time with its peculiarity in contrast with today’s world.

Shakespeare needn’t travel to know about the city he centres his writings on; he gleaned them from the pages of books.

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Reading can also be a spiritual exercise

“Shakespeare set many of his plays in Italy, though he almost certainly never went there”, the British Library noted. “But it was primarily in printed sources, in the pages of books and pamphlets, that Shakespeare conducted his most intensive Italian explorations.”

Yes. This is what I mean.

From the books in your hand, you can tour the world and be in the places you haven’t been and feel the places you long to see.

That is one of the effects and benefits of reading.

Tourists are often thought of as people with knowledge. Tourism affords people with knowledge of different places, peoples and cultures. “Tourism and leisure settings have become an important medium through which people can acquire knowledge, develop ideas and construct new visions for themselves and their society.” Falk, John H. et al wrote.

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In contrast, tourism can be expensive to maintain. A book can afford you the knowledge that a tourist has and it doesn’t cost as much as travelling and being on the road regularly. Instead, you buy a book and turn the pages to be where you want to be.

Reading can give you so many benefits. If only you can create time to see and behold those benefits.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” St. Augustine wrote.

 I want to stop here and expect you to explore and tell your experience. I hope you will!

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