About Uzoamaka

Uzoamaka J. Eze is a multi-interest and multi-skilled person who is passionate to achieve her goals. Academics, reading books and utilising opportunities, have helped in shaping who she is.

She is an award winner and a capacity developer. She has built a career in Writing, Journalism, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking, Life Coaching and Advocacy. Her advocacy focuses on women and girls development, youth development, social and political equity, reading, as well as cultural development & preservation and with a penchant to see people realise their potential in life. She is the author of the book; “The Power in You: Your Success Story Depends on You”.

In her service to children, she provided school chairs for a rural primary school in Abuja, Nigeria which took care of 320 children and also offered scholarships to two university youths. She founded a non-governmental organisation; Ada Igbo Women Development Initiative (adaigbo.org) that advocates for women and girls development.

She holds a degree in Linguistics from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Nigeria and a post graduate in Journalism, from International Institute of Journalism, Abuja. She holds a Google certificate in Digital Marketing and other certificates in Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Coaching and Counselling.

Uzoamaka enjoys reading, watching movies as well as learning new ways to make meals. She loves nature, creativity, art, fashion and birds.

The Power in You: Your Success Story Depends on You

When we were born, we are made complete, whole beings. However, in the cause of life, we meet challenges that hold us in fears. We desire to seek meaning to our purpose in life and often left overwhelmed that others have discovered their purpose while we have not.We resign to think we cannot discover our own purpose. We think we do not have such abilities. You can achieve what you want and be who you want to be. The Power in You: Your Success Story Depends on You will reveal to you how to find the courage to see what you are looking for, which is right there in you.

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