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New Year: It is time for a new beginning

By January 7, 2022 January 22nd, 2022 No Comments

As soon as the frenzy of fireworks ends and a new year is ushered in, it is often with a feeling of hope, courage and confusion.

Hope because there is always an anticipation that the new year will be better. Things can change for the better in a matter of a year.

There is also courage. People are filled with courage to begin new things, face a new stage of life and face new challenges.

There is also confusion that is often attached to this hope and courage. Confusion often comes when decisions and plans are to be made for the year and how to achieve them.

People desire a lot of things from change of workplace, relocation, choice of school, starting a new business and much more.

These are often what comes with a new year.

While there are many expectations for the new year, it is important to begin it well with a clear vision of how to maximise it.

First of all, have a reflection and introspection of what you want. Clear your mind and plan your vision in the simplest way that is achievable.

Match your vision with a plan and work through it with prayer.

Many people often think that prayer alone can bring success. No, it’s not. Prayer works with action, the same way that faith works with action.

A lazy person doesn’t lay down to wait for blessings without doing anything. God blesses the work of your hands but you have to get up and work.

When God wanted to send Moses to Pharaoh, “And the Lord said unto him, what is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.” “And you shall take this rod in your hand, with which you shall do the signs.” Ex 4:2,17

With what was in Moses hand – a rod, God used that to create wonders. God did not provide the rod for Moses, he already had that and he was blessed with what was in his hand.

As you prepare yourself to face the new year, prepare to get uncomfortable. If you must ask God for blessing, you must be ready to have a rod in your hand.

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The rod can be getting better skilled, learning more about your chosen career, researching more about that business, and getting yourself to maximise your time. Study hard, enjoy less and put more effort to actualize your vision. Remember, a vision without a plan is like a car without a battery.

The rod is also the work of your hand. God’s blessings do not fall on unfertile ground. It doesn’t come if you are always in a beer parlour or doing other things not pertaining to your growth. God’s blessings come through the work of your hands.

A new year is a time for a new beginning. Match action with prayers and see your creator at work.

Happy New Year. The Power Is In You.

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