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What the cover of my book, The Power in You tells you

By June 11, 2021 January 7th, 2022 No Comments

The book cover is designed with colours and carefully placed characters to illustrate and further tells you about the overall message.

The book is motivational, inspirational or for self-development as you may want to describe it but maintains you as the subject for being the chief custodian of your success as the title reads.

Gold is the color of success, achievements and triumph, used to illustrate the power in you which leads to your success.

Black is the color of mystery. The world is full of mystery, you must have noticed that.

Gray depicts emotionlessness. In the pursuit of success, there is often no room for emotion. You have to take control of your emotions. That doesn’t mean you should have no compassion.

White is the colour of positivity and purity. You have to remain positive with any outcome, whether failure or success. Failure is indeed part of the learning process. If there is no failure, you may think having success does not require being smart, optimistic and hard work.

Fire depicts enthusiasm; the burning desire to keep you going. The fire in you must be kept alive to avoid complacency and laziness.

The big letter of power means you have the power which is enormous.

The fire of your power, powers you to success. God gave you all you need to make a difference as you aim for the sky.

A big gully shows the challenges that come your way. You must be joking if you think it’s all rosy. Even the beautiful rose flower has thorns on its stem.

Sky illuminates your path. Once you are steadfast with your vision, your path remains clear and illuminated even as you aim for the sky.

A human shadow (YOU) jumps a gully which means there’s a huge distance between challenges and success. You have to jump it alone through personal determination, perseverance and courage. There is no room for blame game. Take responsibility for your ideas, failures, actions and successes.

Watch reminds you to make great use of time. Time is always of great essence. There is no food for a lazy man. Pray, work, eat, exercise, read and sleep. These require your time.

My face is a human touch of conviction. We are humans after all and we can surely do our best.

My smile tells that as you succeed in your endeavor, your fulfillment brings joy to you. Keep the smile often, it often opens doors.

Body position, chin up, hairstyle and eye contact gives you the assurance that YOU can and are very able to achieve success in what you do.

This race is for you alone and that strength and power is in you. You need to evoke it.

I am sure you are already loving my book…now, go over and pick a copy from Amazon or through here for those in Nigeria.

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