Why you should make Peter Obi your presidential choice

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A lot has been said to project the presidential candidacy of Mr. Peter Obi.  Currently, election momentum is with him almost to a point of deification of his person.

At the risk of projecting Peter to a political sainthood, without leaving any room for him being human, who may not meet up with sundry expectations by his supporters should he win the election. It is equally important to note that Peter may not solve all of the problems in order to meet up with individuals’ expectations.

Nigeria’s problem is beyond any one man but a collective will and pursuit for a country that works for all.

Nevertheless, what is important presently is the election with the hope that if Peter wins, the country will be steered away from waste and rabid consumption to the reopening of many moribund factories shuttered in favour of importation of foreign goods that took away many jobs from Nigeria.

Among the front line candidates, Peter stands out. Not only as age still smiles at him, health also reciprocates.

His preaching from consumption to production will bring back many lost jobs and restore means of livelihood to many people. His interest in the electric generation will rejig the comatose SMEs and the manufacturing industry and private sector struggling under the weight of electric generation through generators with high cost of petrol and diesel as well as bills for unseen electricity. Powering Nigeria’s electricity will make the economy robust.

Prior to his assumption of office as the governor, Anambra state was in a mess with insecurity. The state capital was burned down and worker’s salary and gratuity were owed. The state was in comatose during the Mbadinuju administration and destabilised in the Ngige administration. When Peter took office, noiseless as often is his approach, he restored Anambra to a secured and stable state; creating the foundation for development and progress. Anambra subsequently witnessed a lot of progress in almost all the sectors ranging from education, health, infrastructure among others.

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Nigeria is bedevilled with insecurity, with Peter on the saddle and with people’s support, life and property will be saved, hope will be restored and people’s energy will be unleashed to produce more rather than consume more.

People have a renewed hope for a new Nigeria should Peter win. Not that he is a messiah, but he will be bringing a new thinking into the governance of Nigeria where money is borrowed not for the improvement of standard of life but to be carted away by cronies who rather than see a working Nigeria, would prefer that it remains choking for the citizens while few smile to the bank and yet expect to be clapped for, for doing well.

I do not set out to write long or begin to list many of Peter’s achievements, rather, I challenge you, the reader, would you want a continued make-belief governance or a change of attitude in governance that works for all?

Do you want a continued business as usual or a new way of utilising public funds for the benefit of the public?

Do you want a mortgaged future of you and your children with choking loans? And do you want Nigeria touted as the giant of Africa, to remain the dwarf of Africa?

There are many questions to ask but as the saying goes, “vote your conscience,” but in voting your conscience, make sure it is telling you the right thing and not a decision that will plunge Nigeria into more mess, poverty and hopelessness. Make Peter your choice, his antecedents are evident to usher the country into that desired New Nigeria.


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