Peter Obi, his supporters and the opposition

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Peter Obi’s candidacy for the next election has been seen as extraordinary. Nigeria has not witnessed such a campaign laced with a revolution, where the people have taken over a candidate’s campaign. The people have taken him as the arrowhead for the fight to retrieve Nigeria from the hands of its detractors who have not failed to sink Nigeria into debts.

In today’s Nigeria’s politics, what Peter Obi represents is a clean and sincere candidate that Nigerians identify with. The usual baggage that some politicians have, Peter does not have. In a country where corruption is a competition, Peter is a politician who does not have a corruption tag to his name.

A billionaire, reputable for being frugal, Peter has been taken as a political saint who preaches prudence, accountability, production, health and education as indices for development. His message caught the youths who loathe a return to the likelihood of Buhari’s era. These qualities of Peter have been amplified by the army of the people who believe in him to wrestle power from the entrenched political class who look out for themselves, gloat and share Nigeria’s resources amongst themselves while neglecting millions of Nigerians.

Obi’s supporters, identified as OBIdients see this campaign as a tussle where they do not want to be beguiled by lies, propaganda and identity politics and pandering to hypocrisy.

The supporters of Peter Obi have been accused of being insultive and bullying, a tag and propaganda employed to dampen the spirit of the people.

Obi had apologised for such insults, which some of his supporters read to be an acceptance that whatever is said about his supporters are correct. That was a mark of weakness. In a recent interview, he situated and attributed those insults as the work of the opposition.

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Obi had left the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) prior to the primaries, which his supporters see as rebelling against the bribing of delegates which he had spoken against. This gave the supporters a reason to uphold him as a beacon who they can easily rally round and take up volunteership in the fight for a new Nigeria.

With his exit from the party, the PDP thinks Mr. Obi sabotaged the party in which he was the Vice Presidential candidate in the 2019 election. They had expected him to remain in the party.

Obi going over to the Labour party; a party in coma prior to his taking up its presidential party ticket, has resulted in mockery of him and the party by the opposition. They have said that many of the social media army rooting for Obi have no PVC and the party has no structure to win the election. That is not enough, they seemed to have infiltrated and sponsored people to attack and insult people and turned around to accuse Obi’s supporters of insulting the opposition. They have stated that the north will not vote for Obi. The youths responded by flooding the INEC offices to get registered for their voter cards. They have moved to create those structures themselves, making inroads to every section especially the northern part of the country.

The people make up the structure. The people are showing up to be with Peter.

The opposition states that a vote for Peter and Labour Party is a wasted vote, saying that Nigerian elections are only won by national parties. The people have agreed to waste their votes; so long the entrenched politicians no longer have to direct the affairs of the country. It is beginning to be seen as anyone who is not with the people, is against the people and against the progress of the country.

It is a fight between the people and the established political class.

Seeing that the OBIdients have taken over online conversation and narrative, the other political parties and supporters have focused their energy in pulling the spirit of the people down but Obi’s supporters are not only online. They are in the churches, in the markets, in the streets, in the hamlets and in many places working underground and like the ants, they are multiplying. They are overlooking the ethno-religious sentiments and marching to see a better Nigeria that will work for all. They are volunteering, they are spending their funds, and they regard themselves as a family.

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Whenever the people arise, the establishment becomes afraid.

The several attacks and blackmails on Obi and his supporters are evidence of jittery and fear of losing the established power to the people.

While the opposition agree that Obi is good in economics, they are reacting to the type of organic support he enjoys. They maintain that Obi should not be the president, at least, not at this time.

As the OBIdients move out to win people; the strategy of engaging, teaching and winning over people should be utilised. In this movement, the people should move steadily, readily and focused to win. Those who control the levers, direct the movements. The people should be the controllers.

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