2023 Elections: The qualities of the next president

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The next general election is one that is of consequence. Nigeria is faced with a leadership crisis. Since the return to democracy, Nigerians have not fully benefited the dividends of democracy in terms of economic and socio-political development. After so many hardships that are known with the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Buhari administration, it calls for a determined effort to elect a president that will pull Nigeria from its speedy walk to a failed country. Nigeria is failing in healthcare, education, human capital development, economy, morality, security, political instability and lack of national unity.

The state of the Nigerian economy is unsustainable. The country consumes more than it produces. Many factories in Nigeria are shuttered. There is over dependence on importation of goods to the smallest item that can be produced in Nigeria. The exchange rate is fluctuating. The increasing debt and the increasing prices of food, goods and services are pushing the country towards bankruptcy. Huge cost of governance, social strife and ethno-religious sentiments are tearing apart the country.

A lot of Nigerians are afraid of the outcome of the next election. It could be as nightmarish as the last 7 years. It could be wasted too as many people choose to exist rather than live a quality life. It could also be continued poverty and insecurity, it could also be glorious. The choice made by Nigerians will determine the outlook and what the country could be in the next 4 years.

Quality life has taken flight. The successive administrations do not bother to improve the quality of life. Insecurity, poverty, sickness, economic inflation, political strife, poor infrastructure, poor education and drug abuse and addiction are but a few of the afflictions facing the country. All of these are what the people will be voting for – the rebuilding of the country – beginning of a new Nigeria, where people will begin to be in charge of their life.

To achieve this, Nigerians will be choosing a president among the candidates who are pushing to pilot the affairs of the nation in the coming four years. Each of them is going ahead with their campaigns. Each of them is working out their strategies to win.

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The next president has so much to do, to unify the country and bring it back from the cusp of failure and instability. This may not be fully achieved in 4 years but to set the foundation for growth and development. Leadership is the main driver of the growth and progress of societies.

Nigerian electorates are often guided by ethno-religious sentiments, individual interest, loyalty to party and political patronage, but they are never bothered about the personality, antecedent and ideology of the person.

The faith in a country, the confidence of the citizens and the investor, not only rests on the overall safety and performance of the country, it is also based on the personality of the leader.

Leaders lacking in personality, will not be able to motivate the people to work towards growth and development. A leader who is not patriotic cannot inspire patriotism among the people. A leader who is a thief may look away as national resources are looted. A leader who lacks integrity may not bother to instil honesty in the citizens and a leader who is a drug baron may open more doors for drug barons. A leader whose heart burns for development will inspire the citizens towards growth and development of the country.

The quality of the leader is instrumental in the direction of the country, how it is perceived and confidence reposed on the country. A quality leader comes with good policies.
It is also important that the leader is versed in international relations and foreign policy. Competence is not all about playing the right politics but also offering a well rounded leadership rich in wisdom and sound judgement.

Voters should look closely among the candidates who they will be proud of to be the representative of the country. Nigerians should not because of partisanship, personal interest or ethno-religious sentiments, elect those who would continue on the trajectory of failure and incompetence.

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