What I Do

The Power in You

Coaching Service

The Power In You Coaching Services is a platform for group and personalized coaching programme for the teens, youths and adults. It is aimed at helping people to find and reach their true potentials, build their confidence, well-being and communication skills. It is interactive and engaging and also personalized based on individual’s desire. I look forward to coaching you with your friends to be your best self and utilize The Power In You.

This programme covers;

  • Personal Discovery Journey
  • Life Journey: Challenges and Strengths
  • Finding Meaning
  • Overcoming Self-doubt
  • Leading from within
  • Communication Skills
  • Building Self-brand
  • The Power In You

Online Coaching Services

  • The online coaching and mentoring services comes as a personal and or group session with me. It runs via any conducive platform. It will last upon agreement.
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Digital Marketing

I have advertised products and services and referrals for friends that got them end clients. Looking at the skill and my experiences in public relations, I got schooled in the traditional and social media advertising. With the certification from Google and other courses I have attended, come; let us get people to hear about your brand, business and services.


Book for your jingles, infomercials, and digital advertising.

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Public Speaking

As a public speaker covering variety of topics in socio-cultural, socio-political, self-development, well-being, and life, I love speaking to all groups; teens, youths and adults.
I am open to partner with you for speaking opportunities, and projects that are aligned with these interests.
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Event Management and Planning

You are tied down with so much that you cannot possibly give your best to the event you are planning. Let us take the stress off you. I have organized events both formal events like conferences, seminars or workshop; informal events like birthdays, and children’s party. Let us work together to get you your best day while you relax.
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