North Korea executes officials after failed US summit

North Korea executed the special envoy to the United States following the failure of the second summit between Chairman Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump, a South Korean newspaper reported Friday.

Chosun Ilbo reports that the top negotiator for the failed summit with U.S in February was executed a month later. It reports also that the Chairman Kim’s right hand man Kim Yong-chol was sent to a labour and reeducation camp citing a source.

The source said that four other senior officials of North Korea were shot on charges of spying for America on order believed to be from Kim Jong-un in a move to contain “internal unrest and mounting public dissatisfaction over the failed summit”.

“Kim Hyok-chol was investigated and executed at Mirim airport with four foreign ministry officials in March,” an unnamed North Korea source said

Responding to a question in a news conference in Berlin, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “We’ve seen the reporting to which you are referring,” He continued, “We’re doing our best to check it out. I don’t have anything else to add to that today.”