Former Ghana President steps in to control traffic

Former Ghana President Jerry Rawlings was seen controlling traffic at Accra city.

Rawlings was heard telling the commuters to move back.The people at the background was heard helping out to tell the commuters to move. He was hailed as he was called “Papa J”.

The narrator was heard saying, “we can’t get this man again”, “what a wonders”. The former president went back to his car when the road got cleared.

“God bless you sir, We are proud of you sir, safe journey sir” said the narrator.

Former President Rawlings,as reported, has noticed the heavy traffic caused by the commuters and decided to “step out and direct traffic and bring a sense of orderliness”.

Ghanaweb reports that Rawlings has since made a passionate appeal to a joint police and military operation to be posted to the area to manage traffic and ensure discipline.