President Trump offers immigration compromise for wall funding

President Trump Saturday in a televised address to the American people, proposed a compromised deal to the Democrats in a bid to reopen the government.

The US government has been on partial shut down for nearly 30 days.

Trump has been unsuccessful in getting the Democrats to make a deal to secure funding for the boarder security which includes a wall.

In his argument, the wall will prevent illegal immigration, drugs and crimes.

The Democrats who previously supported boarder security and wall, have backed out of the wall. Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the congress called it “immoral”.

Trump’s proposal includes;
– $5.7 billion for wall
– Millions in humanitarian aid & drug detection tech
– 2,750 new border agents
– 75 new immigration judges
– 3 yr relief for DACA recipients
– 3 yr extension for TPS
“This is a common sense compromise both parties should embrace,” the president said.

The Speaker in her response, called the proposal “a compilation of previously rejected initiatives”.