The Power in You: Your Success Story Depends On You

Uzoamaka J. Eze’s book, The Power in You: Your Success Story Depends on You is a motivational book to make you the reader see yourself as the center of whatever you desire to be in life. You are the chief custodian of your success as the title reads.

Everyone is created with abilities and potentials, but a great number have theirs buried in them yet struggle without succeeding in their goals.

The book guides you to have the belief and faith to awaken and use the potential in you.

Cover Design Description

The cover is designed with colours and carefully placed characters expressing the message of the book.

Gold is the color of success, achievements and triumph, used to illustrate the power in you which leads to your success. Black is the color of mystery. The world is full of mystery. Gray depicts no emotion. In the world of success, there is no emotion. You have to take control of your emotions. White is the colour of positivism and purity. You have to remain positive and uphold good character.

Fire depicts enthusiasm, burning desire to keep you going. A big gully shows the challenges that come your way. The path to success is littered with obstacles you must overcome. Sky/God illuminates your path. The big letter of power, means you have the power which is enormous. The fire of your power, powers you to success. God gave you all you need to make a difference as you aim the sky.

A human shadow (YOU) jumps a gully which means there’s a huge distance between challenges and success. You have to jump it alone through personal determination, sacrifice and courage. This is placed at the back, because behind every success (smiles on front cover) is plenty struggles and overcoming the challenges.

Watch reminds you to make great use of time. Time is of great essence. My face is a human touch of conviction. My smile tells as you succeed in your endeavor, your success brings fulfillment and joy to you. Body position/chin-up /hairstyle/eye contact gives you the assurance that YOU can.

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the book will help my charity works.