The death of Alex Badeh and other military personnel

Just yesterday, there was a breaking news of the assassination of former Nigerian Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex S. Badeh.

Badeh, a four-star General of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), former Chief of Air Staff, attained the height of his military professional career over three decades. He served as the 15th Chief of Defense Staff under ex-President Goodluck Jonathan.

According to the statement from the Nigerian Air Force, “…former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Chief Marshal Alex Sabundu Badeh, who died today, 18 Dec 18, from gunshot wounds sustained when his vehicle was attacked while returning from his farm along Abuja-Keffi Road.‬”

In recent times, there have been reports of the deaths of some of Nigerian military men. A retired Army General, Idris Alkali was reported missing. His dead body was later discovered. He was the ex-military Intelligence Chief and former Director of Administration of Defence headquarters. Rear Admiral Daniel Ikoli, the former Fleet Commander of the Western Naval Command died. He was on the panel probing arms deal which also affected the Armed Forces, and the Navy. His death was a suspected murder case according to reports. Boko Haram has been killing so many soldiers in the fight against terrorism.

What is happening in Nigerian Army? So many are falling and we behave as if nothing is going on. These men and women are doing a thankless job, falling with low or no national honour. Buried in obscurity. How can a former Chief of Defence Staff be killed by some “unknown gunmen”?

One of the strength of a sovereign nation is the defence both in equipment and personnel. A country is rated by how strong her defence is.

Nigeria has shown that it’s defence personnel and equipment are not important.

What happens as last rated military hardware are brought into the country to be used by these men? How can they secure their lives and that of the people? Security of lives and property has become an unsure expectation.

If those who are commissioned to protect the people, are felled in such arbitrary way, what is the fate of the ordinary people who are also feeling the insecurity of the nation in their homes, farms, roads and other places?

Who are the gunmen taking the lives of these men? For a former Chief of Defence Staff to be felled in such manner, tells of how weak Nigerian security situation has become.

Was the death of former CDS Alex Badeh a result of some people’s anger over his service in the military or is he owing any person or is the hand of the state in the planning and his assassination? Is his death politically motivated?

I have no answer to the questions. Thorough investigation will reveal the answers. Hopefully, the death of former CDS will unravel so many unanswered questions. What I know is that Nigeria is no longer safe for both the high and low.