USMCA: Trump-Trudeau-Nieto sign new trade deal

Presidents of the U.S. and Mexico and the prime minister of Canada have officially signed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada (USMCA)trade deal at the G20 in Argentina on Friday.

President Trump, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto signed the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement in Buenos Aires.

During press conference prior to signing the deal, President Trump said, “With our signatures today, we will formally declare the intention of our countries to replace NAFTA, a truly groundbreaking achievement,”

The signing event and the leaders’ remarks were livestreamed. You can watch the event here;

The deal is meant to replace the old NAFTA deal which offers a host of modernizations to trade in the region.

President Trump said the two leaders are “a great friend” calling the process a battle that made a great friendship. He continued, “We’ve taken a lot of barbs and a little abuse, and we got there,” said Trump. The deal now faces a battle in Congress.

In the lead-up to the signing ceremony, Canadian officials had “made it clear they didn’t want to celebrate the end of a year of U.S. attempts to twist Canada’s arm with the tariffs still in place,” the CBC reports. But that’s not the desires of Trump and Peña Nieto, both of whom have the deal as a victory that helps to cement their legacies.

President Trump took to Twitter to celebrate the signing of the new deal.