Oby Ezekwesili will lift 80 million Nigerians out of poverty using education

The fiery and energy filled Obiageli Ezekwesili is a woman with lots of passion and drive. She is a one woman squad, whose drive is to break the glass ceiling placed over women to becoming a Nigerian president. She looks forward to being the first Nigerian woman president.

It takes a lot of courage to stand to be voted and to push to win. Granted, she is not the first woman who seeks to become the president. Oby has become a house hold name through her activism and push to bring back the abducted Chibok girls. Oby suffered harassment in the hands of the security personnel as she went on solo protest against the wanton killings witnessed in the country. She has been a voice for the voiceless.

‘Madam due process’ as Oby is fondly called due to her far-reaching approach to eliminating unwholesome practices in the government procurement process will deliver. She has declared to be held to account for the promises she made.

In her policy plan, Oby shared her dreams of a new Nigeria that will work for all, be inclusive, prosperous and strong. A country, its cultural diversity and the people can be managed for greater creativity, innovation and development.

Oby noted that a lot of Nigerians are living in poverty. Nigeria has little competitive economy, suffer from inequality, insecurity, low education standard, poor health management, infrastructural deficit. She says Nigeria needs to restructure beginning with the restructuring of the economy.

To lift 80 million Nigerians out of poverty, Oby stated how she will do that by pursuing market economy reforms through effective regulations, cutting down ineffective regulations, have in place adequate policies which will open up Nigerian economy.

Oby promises that she will pursue human development through education and ensuring competence among teachers. A competent teacher ensures a high skilled and employable student. For this, Oby promises to invest in teachers which in turn will boost the quality of education and as well improves the life of the people. To reduce poverty, human mind must be developed through engaging his skill to lead his life positively to fight poverty.

With the high skill, Oby’s administration will pursue high productivity for higher earning. She is “committed to providing the critical infrastructure, training, access to finance, connectivity to the market and to use policies and targeted public investments to ease the Doing Business environment for both the formal and informal sector firms.” She would also “provide the incentives that would move them from informality to formality and enhance their productivity and competitiveness.” She will pursue enhanced productivity and results.

Through her regional development agenda, Oby will purse six-regional development, with focus on regional based policies. In the North East, Oby promises to “invest in the reconstruction and the reclamation of the Chad Basin for economic expansion, restore communities and livelihoods.” In the North Central her administration “will restore law and order while optimizing agriculture productivity.” In the South South, she will “implement a regeneration agenda for land, communities and people for a Niger Delta beyond oil”. In the South East, she will “undertake reconstruction for innovation, enterprise and trade development.” In the South West, Oby will “place emphasis on optimizing and positioning the region as a magnet for global talents with the aim of becoming a hub for manufacturing and services.” In the North West, her administration shall “reignite the competitiveness of value-added leather and textile clustering by attracting light manufacturing industries to the comparative advantages of sources of raw materials for production.”

She promises to transform Nigeria’s energy systems to improve power supply which will in turn open up small business which is the bedrock of larger economic output. She promises to replace Land Use Act, which she termed “bad law.” She identified the act as an impediment to agriculture, mortgage, real estate and wealth generation in general.

She promises to conduct oil sector reform which will totally remove the “unwholesome fuel subsidy.” From the money saved from oil subsidy, it will be diverted to infrastructure development as well as science, technology and innovation which she termed as the “enabler for socioeconomic development.” She would construct low cost housing and secure food security through “One Product Per State initiative” to support farmers in states with a product.

On foreign policy and other sectors including anti-corruption, sports, security agenda, and every other programme, will be evaluated on three questions: How much wealth is it going to generate? How many jobs is it going to create? And how many people it will get out of poverty?

With these initiatives, no doubt, Nigerians and indeed many people will be taken out of poverty and into jobs and progress. With the right skills and jobs through education, security situation will be improved, and Nigeria will be launched into economic progress and prosperity.

Oby’s programme is people oriented. She needs to be voted in to become the first Nigerian “Madam President.”

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