A self-driving hotel room that can make traveling easier

This is impressive. A hotel room on wheels. The Autonomous Travel Suite (ATS) is the brainchild of Toronto-based Steve Lee of Aprilli Design Studio. This innovation could revolutionize the way to travel.

From CNN, Lee says that his concept a futuristic design and technology, which won this year’s Radical Innovation Award – a design competition for the hospitality industry -combines his experience in hotel design and architecture

Lee said, “as an architect, I see self-driving vehicles as more being more like a mobile room,”.

The ATS is designed to carry travelers on journeys of between six and 10 hours. It is equipped with many of the elements found in a traditional hotel room: a sleeping space (with a memory foam mattress), a work space, a tiny kitchen, a toilet, a sitting shower and an “entertainment zone” for watching movies and gaming.
It is encased by panoramic smart glass windows that dim at the touch of a button.

The ATS will be controlled by an app as it is offered in a range of sizes, to accommodate solo travelers, couples or families.

Travelers will “select the start and end points of their journeys and can add stopping off points such as gyms and restaurants,” says Lee. “The system will work out the best route.”
In Lee’s vision, the vehicles will be operated by a chain of “Autonomous Hotels” that provide critical on-the-road services including vehicle maintenance, water provision and waste removal.