From change to the next level

President Muhammadu Buhari came to power riding on the back of being a change agent. But the change he came with was to change Nigerians from a path of growing economy to the headquarter of poverty. From low unemployment to massive unemployment.

Throughout his administration, Nigerians have known no peace. From being intimidated by the Buhari administration to killings by the Fulani Herdsmen and Boko Haram. From sacking farmers from their farmlands and ancestral homes to drafting soldiers to a civil engagement.

Death, hunger, poverty, unemployment, insecurity, intimidation, strife, anger, hatred and violence have taken the center stage under Buhari’s administration.

Nepotism, cronyism took over merit. Bigotry and marginalization are institutionalized. Nigeria is divided into 97% vs 5%. Most appointments are made not because of competence but because of brotherhood. Corruption is on the rise amidst anti-corruption drive.

Institutions of governance have become ridiculed and made impotent. Lies and propaganda are made facts. Ridiculing Nigerians on foreign soil is now a part of foreign policy. What more change do we as Nigerians deserve?

We are now promised next level with a stolen logo. ‘Lazy Nigerian youths’ make their logo while suffering under the weight of Buhari’s mal-administration.

What more level are we to expect? When a president would use his power of presidency to get hold of certificate of attestation, use another person’s logo as his campaign logo, launch a fictitious airline logo with humongous amount of money, shield corrupt allies and yet present himself as a man of integrity?

What next level do we look up to? The next level of no achievement while asking for votes to decide if to achieve something?

I am wondering what this next level will portend for Nigerians as looking at what changed, the next level looks frightening!

I do hope, in the next level, Nigerians will not be replaced with cows, communities sacked to give cows home, farms destroyed for cows to feed, humans made refugees for cows to occupy their land.

I hope the next level is not to sit by and watch mass killings while people make money out of the IDP camps.

I hope the next level is not to increase borrowing and expanding national debt while sharing the same money to undocumented receivers.

The next level may be the worst to come.

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